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Bill Peltzman and Associates, Inc. is set up to service clients of all sizes and capabilities with solid, detailed recommendations for solving their bonding problems. While the company’s core technology is materials/processes development for bonding to textiles, expertise is available for bonding to metals such as steel, aluminum, and titanium.

The company has an established network of contract analytical laboratories to quickly solve existing bonding problems. In addition, toll mixing chemical companies are available to make up newly formulated adhesive samples for trial evaluation by clients.

The company specializes in bonding to industrial textiles of all kinds, including nylon, polyester, and aramid. It has developed many specialized treatments, including RFL adhesive, to meet performance, economic, or processing equipment requirements. 

Call us to discuss your problems. There is no obligation on your part for the initial consultation. 

If you would like to learn more about the basics of textile and metal adhesion, go to the Adhesion Technology tab.

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